January 11, 2012

Tractors, Planets and Penguins, OHMAI!!!

Come into Eagle Harbor Books and head straight to the children's section. Do not stop at fiction! Keep going. When you get there, check out the cool new display that arrived today.

Why is the display so cool? Well, not only does it feature six awesome new science titles but each book also comes with a free digital book. Here's how it works: each book you purchase comes with a code that allows you to download a companion digital book from the Scholastic website.
Another great thing about these books is that although they are similar to the DK Eyewitness series in that they are chock-full of color photographs, illustrations and fun facts, they're geared toward more than one level of reader. While early readers will enjoy Farm or See Me Grow, there are options for more advanced readers, too!

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