March 16, 2012

Color Wheel of Books!

We have a table back toward our children’s department that has been a carousel of colors lately! The first week the books were all bright yellow and we had lots of compliments on the interesting, cheerful display. No themes, just color. But lots of interesting books are yellow.

Ellyn, who does many of our displays, decided to go with the karma. Since then, our wheel of color table has been blue, orange, and purple. This week, in light of the dreary weather forecast, it is all grey.

But still, the books are all lovely and intriguing! You want to linger. And as you watch the table, you are amazed at all the intriguing covers in so many shades.

We’ll probably end up with a rainbow table toward the end. But until then, what color would you like to see? Bet you can’t stump us!


1 comment:

  1. My library has a similar display. They group books outside of the New Book Room on a table and display a quirky sign based on the color of the week/month. For example- "The Color Purple" or "Leaves of Grass". I love the idea. Keep on doing it!