March 05, 2012

Congrats Susan Wiggs!

Bainbridge Island author Susan Wiggs has made it back onto The New York Times Best Sellers list with the mass market paperback reissue of her 2005 novel, Table for Five.

As described on, "Table for Five is the story of two people, Lily Robinson and Sean McGuire, who have nothing in common. Lily guards her independent lifestyle with a ferocity that hides a fear of love and the pain it can bring. Sean has always been a rolling stone, making his own way. But with the sudden death of a couple close to them both, the two become joined in grief and a knowledge that they must step up and care for the orphaned children of their friends. With little more than hope and dedication, these five embark on a cross-country road trip filled with the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations that make up a family. Along the way, Lily and Sean and these troubled children will discover that even when you’ve lost everything, love still remains."

Susan Wiggs is a fantastic customer and friend of Eagle Harbor Books. We carry many of her books and if you would like to order a signed copy, please visit our website or contact the store directly here.

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