January 24, 2012

What Are You Doing on April 23rd?

A few of the books selected for WBN 2012
    Would you like to receive 20 free copies of a book you love and share them with people in your community who do not have a passion for reading, have little or no access to books, or perhaps are just strangers you meet in a coffee shop?
    Well thanks to World Book Night 2012 you can! Register to be a 2012 Giver by February 1st and join tens of thousands of fellow readers who will go out into their communities the evening of the 23rd with their free WBN paperbacks in hand, ready to spread the joy and love of reading.
    This years WBN is the first in the US but the second in UK, where the movement started. Givers are asked to select their three favorite books from a list of thirty chosen by a WBN committee. If you are selected, you will receive twenty copies of one of your top picks to distribute.Want to know how the books were chosen? Check out Executive Director Karl Lennertz's blog.
    And lastly, if you have doubts about the scope of this project, check out this video for what is perhaps the most inspiring 4:38 minutes dedicated to books and reading that we have ever seen.


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  2. Just announced: Germany has joined the WBN2012 party! They will select 33,333 givers to hand out 30 copies each of one of their 25 selected titles. Amazing.

  3. I know a good number of Bainbridge Island residents who would make great book givers -- particularly some young folks. Hope some students from BHS apply!