January 24, 2012

What Are You Doing on April 23rd?

A few of the books selected for WBN 2012
    Would you like to receive 20 free copies of a book you love and share them with people in your community who do not have a passion for reading, have little or no access to books, or perhaps are just strangers you meet in a coffee shop?
    Well thanks to World Book Night 2012 you can! Register to be a 2012 Giver by February 1st and join tens of thousands of fellow readers who will go out into their communities the evening of the 23rd with their free WBN paperbacks in hand, ready to spread the joy and love of reading.
    This years WBN is the first in the US but the second in UK, where the movement started. Givers are asked to select their three favorite books from a list of thirty chosen by a WBN committee. If you are selected, you will receive twenty copies of one of your top picks to distribute.Want to know how the books were chosen? Check out Executive Director Karl Lennertz's blog.
    And lastly, if you have doubts about the scope of this project, check out this video for what is perhaps the most inspiring 4:38 minutes dedicated to books and reading that we have ever seen.

January 15, 2012

Mary Daheim Event for Today Cancelled!

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Mary Daheim has had to cancel her event for today, Sunday 1/15/12. We will definitely be rescheduling this event, so do not fear! Until then, please be sure to check out the latest novel in her Emma Lord series, The Alpine Winter.

Goodbye Miss Morgan

We said goodbye to a dog today. Our Miss Morgan – chaser of squirrels, protector of children, indisputable leader of her pack – had 15 years with our family. She leaves a raft of good memories, and four broken hearts.
Morgan was always an old soul – wasn’t a giddy, licking puppy, but more a serious schoolmarm with a very warm heart. She slept on the foot of her boy’s bed until he grew too big and rolled over on her too many times in the night. Our daughter’s first word was “woof!” and her first delighted belly laugh as an infant was while watching Morgan chase balls, barking, in the yard.
So today I am doing, for the first time, what I’ve advised to scores of bereaved friends during my years of bookselling. I’m bringing home “Dog Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant. This simple, sweetly illustrated book tells the story of what might greet a dog if God were a dog lover: fields for running, biscuits without end, puffy clouds for napping … and a chance to slip down from time to time, to check on family below.
     I know it is a fairy tale, but its worth lies elsewhere. It will help my middle school daughter – actually all of us – understand why we had to say goodbye. These are the things that Morgan lived for when she was well and hale: Running with her younger “siblings” Lizzie and Cocoa, and keeping them in line when they got too rambunctious (she believed in a certain decorum). Sneaking slices of bread off the counter or out of our neighbor’s compost heap. Jumping up on beds to sleep before she got too old and arthritic, something she knew was off limits but still did whenever she got the chance. Being with her people.
And chasing squirrels! She caught one once, here on earth. It shocked her as much as it did the squirrel, and she spit it out quickly once both realized what had happened and the squirrel directed its fury at her muzzle.
We will need that comfort tonight, a fairy tale to remind us why we released her to the great sleep today. We will always know her as that dog in Dog Heaven – happy, healthy, free, a big part of our hearts forever.

January 11, 2012

Tractors, Planets and Penguins, OHMAI!!!

Come into Eagle Harbor Books and head straight to the children's section. Do not stop at fiction! Keep going. When you get there, check out the cool new display that arrived today.

Why is the display so cool? Well, not only does it feature six awesome new science titles but each book also comes with a free digital book. Here's how it works: each book you purchase comes with a code that allows you to download a companion digital book from the Scholastic website.
Another great thing about these books is that although they are similar to the DK Eyewitness series in that they are chock-full of color photographs, illustrations and fun facts, they're geared toward more than one level of reader. While early readers will enjoy Farm or See Me Grow, there are options for more advanced readers, too!

January 05, 2012

Thursday nights just got much better...

If cookies and wine don't encourage you to attend a book reading, I'm not really sure what will. Claire Dederer is here tonight to read from her best-selling memoir, Poser: My Life in Twenty-three Yoga Poses. The paperback was just released this week, so here's to a great year of sales for Claire! Cheers! 

New Year, New Blog

We are super excited to finally enter the 21st century and start a blog for Eagle Harbor Book Company on Bainbridge Island, WA! We are still in the process of making this blog look pretty and organized, but for the time being, please enjoy some pictures of our store.

Visit our website or Facebook page to catch our first official blog post of 2012!