December 05, 2016

Community Conversations: Racism

The new owners and staff of Eagle Harbor Book Company are dedicated to providing a space for people on the island to discuss issues of critical importance. 

This Thursday (12/8) we'll be hosting a round-table discussion surrounding the issue of race - a topic that should be as important to us locally as it is throughout the country.  While this discussion springs from the Chase Bank incident on Halloween, our goal is broader.  We hope to start a conversation both about racism on the island, and what our community can do moving forward to address the problem.  If we can honestly address this issue and contribute to developing solutions, a longer-term result is likely to encourage diversity on the island.

We hope to hear stories from participants of how racism has touched our lives.  One of our owners, Dave Danielson, was involved in a similar conversation while working with an NGO tackling the post-apartheid problems of racism in Cape Town last year, and the stories helped those in attendance understand the depth and complexity of how race affects all of us.  We will also discuss starting a Bainbridge working group to discuss both race and diversity and consider a range of options for going forward. 

We will meet at 7 pm, and all are welcome to attend.  For those who come late, the side door on the board walk will be open.