January 29, 2018

Limericks to the Rescue...

Last month was the latest example that the world seems to be getting curiouser and curiouser. On the same day the news delivered a picture of a huge ice sculpture of a North Korean Hwasong-15 intercontinental missile, our President self-diagnosed himself as a "very stable genius." In filming a documentary of the Queen's coronation, the BBC was not allowed to photograph her crowns from above because that is a vantage point reserved for God. A New York Times Magazine reviewer of an alt-right forum identified prominent right-wing agitators married to or dating Asian women and concluded that "dating Asian women is practically a 'white-nationalist rite of passage.'" And just half-way through the month, the United Arab Republic's government announced a new nature reserve that would cover 10% of Dubai's landmass. Its Prime Minister explained that the desert is both inspirational and beautiful and provides a peaceful shelter to plants, birds and people. The Reserve will include areas for commerce and yoga.

Limericks written by islanders for our occasional limerick contests might be a refreshing reset to start the New Year.  Our Ann and John penned these to warm up past contestants:

A lady from Head of the Bay
Went up to Saint Barnie's to pray
There the vicar within
Apprised her of sin
And she's riddled with guilt to this day
There once was a man from Fort Ward
Who was overly proud of his sword 
He buckled and swashed
And enemies quashed 
But occasionally relatives gored                                         
Frank Buxton, who we lost last month, was one of our favorite customers, and one that couldn't resist a limerick contest. We will remember him as our neighbor these past 28 years after he retired from a long Hollywood career. He volunteered his time and craft to our performing arts programs, and all things literary and artistic. We're guessing he wouldn't mind if we refreshed your mirth synapses with a few of his limerick offerings.

There once was a girl from Port Madison
Who went with her beau to the Radisson
The mood was sublime
They had a good time
And nine months later she had a son

While strolling on Manitou Beach
I saw what looked like a leach
It was long and real ugly
Grey, wrinkled, not snuggly
And its proboscis looked like a peach
We ate at the Pub one fine night
We had hoped for a nutritious bite 
But the waitress explained
That the chef was detained
So, we both got as high as a kite

A policeman on old Winslow Way
Chalked everyone's tires each day
When people got pissed
He'd always insist
That he was only earning his pay

~ Dave