February 28, 2019


Your bookshop has steadily been getting healthier, and it is all because of your patronage; so, Jane, Dave and all of our booksellers thank you and thank you. Coleridge, as he said in the quote above would probably tell us, “Stop! You’ve made your point.” While he’s right, indulge us as we say a bit more.

We think we know at least part of the reason why we’re seeing more rug-rats on our rugs and more books flying out the doors. We’re learning to adapt. We now have both used books’ Bestsellers and New Arrival sections as well as ones for all ages in our kid’s section. Young Adults has a new and expanded space, the front tables feature exciting new works each month, and the newly opened alcove with big windows has warmed up the back of the store.

We’ve significantly increased our inventory of blank books, stationary, puzzles, games and gifts. The events program has become even more robust. The ultimate Yoda, our long-time head buyer, Tim Hunter, has emphasized the need for the staff to tip him to important new works found on NPR, CSPAN’s Book TV, literary journals and even social media. And the island’s former favorite librarian, Martha Bayley, constantly prowls through our prerelease books we get from publishers and unerringly tells Tim which ones he should bring in. We’ve learned to ignore her advice at our peril. We’ve also learned to heed your demand for books from our amazing local authors.

Of course, there are also some examples of where we’ve gotten it wrong. But, upon reflection, we think it wise to now bow down to Coleridge’s wisdom.  So more on that subject later.

The barricades won’t last forever. Seattle is blasting away at the viaduct and the State’s inspectors are blocking the Agate Pass bridge. Yet thankfully, you keep coming in.  With laser like clarity, we realize our strength comes from the island. And no, we won’t mind when the dust clears and the hoards from the city again get on our boat.

~ Jane and Dave

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